Dog food for picky palates

Clean dog food with insects, formulated by vets for every dog’s well-being.

100% Grain-free
100% Grain-free
100% Grain-free
100% Grain-free
100% Grain-free
Meet your new dog food hero.

We replace conventional animal meat with insects in our dog food. Paired with our other excellent ingredients it’s a true power couple made for your dog. Say hello to a happier and more energized dog!

Great taste

Easy to digest

Recipe by vets

Why insect-based dog food?

Before you say "yuck," hear us out. High-quality protein, environmentally friendly, easily digestible, highly nutritious, and good taste. That is Dogsup’s insect: the black soldier fly.

With the planet in mind

Eating insects is not only cool but also good for your dog and the environment. Did you know producing meat releases up to 90% more greenhouse emissions compared to insects? Well, now you know.

Important nutrients for
your dog

Insects compensate for their looks with their great nutrients. Our insects are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, fat, and calcium which all are crucial for your dog’s health.

Packed with protein

Insects are an awesome source of protein, and protein is life, that’s no exaggeration. It helps with increased muscle mass and strength. The black soldier fly provides the essential amino acids your dog needs.

Dog food with your dog’s well-being in mind

It’s healthy. It’s sustainable. Dogsup is made with ingredients you can trust and be sure your dog likes. It’s grain-free with a composition supporting sensitive dogs, 100% free from bad stuff.

Let’s disrupt the ordinary.

We strive to inspire a generation of free-thinking, self-reliant, dog parents to take a stance against an outdated industry and ensure providing what is best for their dogs. We created Dogsup with joy and every dog's well-being in mind.

Loyalty is royalty

Subscribe to Dogsup and experience less hassle, more benefits, and always great food for your dog.

Loyalty discount

Always a 15% discount on each Dogsup shipment.

You are in charge.

Set a schedule that works for you and your dog. Pause or cancel the plan at any time.

Don't just take our word for it.

"I haven’t tried the food myself (yet 🥲) but my dachshund Judith loves it and gives it a 10 out of 5 🌟. I 100% recommend Dogsup!" Read more

We are Dogsup

We strive to remain unsatisfied and we are here to make noise. Dogsup is the dog food rebel that doesn’t compromise with quality or an outdated industry.

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